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Actor Headshot Photographer presents

Student Headshot Workshop

With Practical Experience!
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Hey, I'm Toby

I'm a specialist headshot photographer for actors and performers in the entertainment industry, supporting them with portfolio content for work in Theatre, Film & Television.

After training to be an actor at drama school in London, I transitioned into photography after my work built great relationships with top agents and talent. I provided photos for actors working regularly in Film & TV, and also photographed West End theatre productions. 
I will help you create the perfect first impression to build trustworthy and profitable networking connections. 

I have helped more than a thousand clients around the UK be at ease in front of the camera, and capture images that truly represent their personality and potential.

My business was born and built in London working with a variation of clientele, from professional actors working in film, television and theatre to CEO's of international tech companies.

The Headshot Workshop Covers It ALL:
- What is a headshot?

- Why do you need one?
What makes a good headshot?
- How and where is a headshot used? (with a specific focus on Spotlight)
- How to find a p
- What, and what not, to wear!

And featured highlights :
Casting Director Experience
Students select and break down real life headshots based on casting briefs they are given in a practical experience that highlights how the casting process works, and it's fast pace!

Headshot Demonstration
After learning how to dissect a good headshot, students are invited up to sit in front of the camera in a professional studio set up to experience how it feels to be in front of the lens and lights. Photos are viewed in real time on a screen for us to discuss potential casting of the volunteers, and what subtle differences in angle and direction can make to the portrayal in the photo.



Every student deserves a professional headshot when entering into the industry. The headshot workshop fee will be discounted from the group headshot booking in order to keep costs to you and your students reduced.


Book a Headshot Day for your Students


This is a fantastic way to offer your students a shared, empowering experience, as well as providing them with a professional essential headshot tool at an accessible price.


In their mini sessions, students will be able to put the advice shared in the workshop into practice.


Book A Session

Let's Discuss Your Headshot Workshop

Book an introductory chat to discuss availability for a workshop visit. 


If you can't find a desired time to meet, feel free to call me on 07792878438

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