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Actor Headshot Photographer in Lincoln

Unlock Your Casting Potential

With Stunning Headshot Photography
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Hey, I'm Toby

I'm a specialist headshot photographer for actors and performers in the entertainment industry, supporting them with portfolio content for work in Theatre, Film & Television.

After training to be an actor at drama school in London, I transitioned into photography after my work built great relationships with top agents and talent. I provided photos for actors working regularly in Film & TV, and also photographed West End theatre productions. 
I will help you create the perfect first impression to build trustworthy and profitable networking connections. 

have helped more than a thousand clients around the UK be at ease in front of the camera, and capture images that truly represent their personality and potential.

My business was born and built in London working with a variation of clientele, from professional actors working in film, television and theatre to CEO's of international tech companies.


Your Headshot is what will get you seen and into the audition room.
It's good practice to consistently review your portfolio and check that the photos you are using represent you accurately, both in physical appearance, and represent the roles you are likely to play within your casting bracket.

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"Working with Toby was a breeze. 
I would highly recommend Toby to anyone in need of some professional images"

"Toby is a brilliant photographer. Ellie’s photos are absolutely stunning. I highly recommend him for professional headshots!"

"I am a drama school student going into my third year...Toby’s passion towards his craft is admirable... A fantastic experience and one that I would definitely recommend!!"
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Updating your headshots can refresh the way you are seen in the Industry. A brand new portfolio will enable you to:

1. CHANGED APPEARANCE: As you age, your appearance can change significantly. New headshots ensure that you accurately represent your current look, helping casting directors and agents see you as you are now.

2. EVOLVE YOUR BRAND: If you've evolved as an actor and want to showcase a new facet of your talent or rebrand yourself, updated headshots can reflect this change and better align with your current goals and image.


3. SHOWCASE VERSATILITY: Updated headshots can help you showcase your versatility and range, making you more appealing to a wider range of casting opportunities.


4. KEEP UP WITH INDUSTRY STANDARDS: The industry standards for headshots change over time. Keeping your portfolio up to date ensures that you meet the current expectations of casting directors and agencies.

5. STAY COMPETITIVE: The acting industry is highly competitive, and staying fresh with new headshots can give you an edge over others who may still be using outdated photos. Casting professionals often notice when actors invest in their image.


6. EXPRESS YOUR PERSONALITY: Headshots are not just about capturing your physical appearance; they should also convey your personality and charisma. New headshots can better capture your unique qualities.

In your booking confirmation you will receive a link to access my online preparation guide with video content covering a range of topics.

We will begin the session with a refreshing cup of tea or coffee to get to know each other a little better, discuss your aims for your new headshots and how you wish to be represented.

We will look through your outfit choices and I will help you select matching clothing to background and lighting options we have available.

I use a variation lighting and background options to capture a wide range of photos. I will guide you through various positions and expressions ensuring your photos are full of energy and life.

Within 24 hours of your session you will receive your personalised online gallery. Here you can make select your favourite photos you wish to be retouched. Your edited images are usually available for download 3-5 working days.

Upon booking a session you will receive access

to my online Headshot Preparation Guide. 

Here you will find video content covering various topics and frequently asked questions to ensure you are in the best possible position. 






" of the best headshot sessions I've had. He is friendly yet professional and made me feel as comfortable as possible which ensured the best headshots possible. The end results were amazing!"
"This was my first time ever getting headshots, Toby was professional, charming and made me feel right at home. He knew exactly what shots were right for me, with what style I wanted. Will absolutely use again."
"Toby is the ultimate host and professional with an incredible eye for a photo that really works. A photo that captures authenticity and flare. A rare combination. I couldn't recommend Toby more. Book him."


Select an available date from the calendar, with a small deposit to secure your booking.

Use my headshot preparation guide to get ready to make the most of your session.

Once at your session you can relax and enjoy the experience. I'll guide you capturing various looks, styles and positions.

Your favourite images will be professionally retouched and made available to download to upload to Spotlight & Mandy!


Headshots are an investment, and investment is all about timing. 

You've no doubt identified that you are looking to promote yourself with new professional photos. But I understand you will have plenty of questions about the session and how it works! If you have any questions or concerns about stepping in front of the camera, or you'd like to find out more about how new photos will enhance your career, sign up below to receive more information.

Book A Session
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