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Updated: Sep 14, 2023

Find out about how a headshot session works!
How does a headshot session work?

I create a calm and productive working environment whether your session is in the studio, or at a location of choice.

We will begin with a coffee or brew discussing your ideas, your brand and set specific objectives for your headshots. It's really useful if you have looked over the YOU ARE YOUR BRAND page and considered what you want to say about you and your profession, and I can then help you with the how.

We will then look through your wardrobe options. If your session is in the studio you can hang your outfits ready in the dressing room. We will discuss your outfits and I will suggest what look and styles will work best for the given objectives, and which backgrounds I will likely use to achieve a certain aesthetic.

I will start snapping some test shots. For each look, and client, I put together a bespoke lighting and background set up that suits the client. Usually a few minutes of chatting and snapping, moving light stands and reflectors into place and were ready. You won't even notice that we've started.

I'll guide you completely. As you grow in confidence you may start moving spontaneously into various positions which is great, but if the thought of posing for the camera terrifies you then please know I will help you every step of the way.

I use micro adjustments to work you into positions and angles to the camera. I may ask you to turn your body and your head, lower you chin and even lean into the camera and push your nose forward. Whilst this may all seem incredibly unfamiliar, trust that it looks awesome on camera and not like you're spinning multiple plates at once! The best thing you can do is try relax into it, and embrace the moment to feel present, energised and confident.

We will work through various looks and you will have full use of the changing facilities to change outfits, apply make up, work hair styles etc.

Before you know it the session will be complete.

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