Lockdown Easing : Time for Headshots?

The chances are a year or more has passed since you last updated your headshot photos, or maybe you were on the ball last summer but are questioning their value having gone through certain physical changes that come with a lockdown of a global pandemic. I’m hoping to alleviate any stresses and to reassure you that every performer and actor is in the same position, asking themselves the same questions.

How do I know if I need new headshots?
  1. Physical Appearance - Do your headshots truthfully still represent you physically? If a casting director were to book you blind for a job tomorrow, would they see the same person walking into the room as is shown in your current headshot. Hairdressers have been closed, we’re all rocking a beard we didn’t know we could achieve, and whilst some of us have found solace in fitness, some of us have put on a couple of pounds making sure we finally completed and caught up with Game of Thrones. Be honest with yourself and ask those you trust the opinion of as to whether you still look like your current headshots.

  2. Styling - After a hair cut, and perhaps a shave, we can soon feel much more like our usual self. But does your hair look different to how it used to? Do you find your wardrobe a bit boring having not looked at your clothes in the same way for so long. Could now be an opportunity to reinvent yourself and you're styling reinforced by new headshot photos, rather than conforming to try to be the old you. The world is a very different place now in many ways, and I don’t think we should resist accepting this, but instead use it as an exciting prospect.

  3. Casting - Has your look changed so much that you would now be considered for different roles? Or perhaps you felt restricted by your limited casting before that you could use the change in direction to open up doors to other characters and opportunity?

  4. Money - A headshot session is an expense. To help see the true value, divide your last session cost by the period of time you’ve been using the photos. Have you exhausted the value of your old shots? Can you realistically afford your headshots now after being limited with your expenses for the last few months, or are you better off saving up over the next few months and booking in later in the year?

  5. Timing - We’re in an industry where timing is everything. Whilst you may be keen to get everything in place to get back to auditioning, you also don’t want to rush into certain decisions. The last thing you want is to hit the gym from 12th April and be in a different physical shape come the summer and your new headshots not represent you accurately enough!

  6. Confidence - Probably the most important tip in my personal opinion. The last year has been a crazy one and the affects are only starting to reveal themselves in different ways. Don’t feel pressured to act fast for fear of missing out. It’s more important to make the most of your next headshot session when you are feeling confident in yourself and with your current career situation. It should be an exciting jump back into the industry, not one you feel you have to do.

Hopefully these tips have been useful to think about. Feel free to contribute with a comment or message with any other points you think of for consideration that may help others make their decision.

Get in touch if you have any questions, and to book a session with Headshot Toby, Click here.

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