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Updated: Jun 8, 2023

You've booked a headshot session because you want to tell the world about YOU. This is where the excitement starts. Assume the casting world does not know of you, the parts you've previously played or come close to getting.

So what do you want to tell them?

Consider the below ahead of your headshot session so that when we meet in person we can get ideas flowing with a clear intention on what we want to achieve from your session.


- What casting opportunities are you regularly going up for?

- What casting opportunities do you WANT to be going up for?

- Do you mainly work in theatre, or screen?

- Do you have additional skills that your headshot will represent? (Motion capture, voice over, combat)

YOUR AGENT - Often actors want full control as at the end of the day you have invested into your career with your own money. If you are fortunate enough to have an agent then they are the ones putting you up for castings and will be using the photos more than you might yourself.

- How to do they view your casting?

- What types of media are they putting you up for? (Film, theatre, commercials)

- What parts are they typically putting you up for?

- What do they think you should get out of your headshot session?


- Do you have any relationships with casting directors that you could ask for advice?

When we meet we will discuss the above. Whether you have had a quick think, or made extensive notes, it's always best to give yourself time to consider the above questions so that we have a strong starting point for your session. It puts us both instantly on the same page and will allow me to suggest appropriate styles, looks and direction to help get the best result!

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