The big question we're all asking...

Hey, I'm Toby! 

Born and raised in Lincolnshire I moved to London in 2011 to train as an actor. Whilst working as an actor and a voice over artist I always had a fascination with taking photos of actors; headshot portraits and live theatre productions.


I took my first headshot photo in my final year at drama school. My housemate Amy had just shared the great news that she had signed with an agent however she seemed slightly frustrated. After spending £400 on graduate headshots for her showcase only a month before, her new agent wanted her to get some new headshots as they felt they didn't represent her how they wanted to promote her to the industry- "They make you look like a duck! In the meantime, can you get a friend to take photo of you!"

After dabbling with my camera through my actor training I was intrigued by the medium of actor headshot portraits and offered to take Amy's photo. We took some snaps around the corner from our student house and sent them over to Amy's new agent. The response was great- they loved them! This was the beginning of my journey as a headshot photographer.  I instantly fell in love with finding locations, directing actors in front of camera and working on taking photos that represented them within the industry. With every shoot, the images I was producing were improving and friends soon began asking to book in with me.