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Here you are! The Ultimate Headshot Preparation Checklist!

Not everything below is essential but worth considering. If it's not on here, it is most likely not needed!

🔲 Book hair appointment - if you are getting your hair cut, coloured or styled, try to allow 3-5 days before your session for your hair to settle. We want your hair to look natural and not too sharp.

🔲 Plan Clothing Options - Iron or steam your clothes ready to wear. Consider how you will transport your clothing so that they do not crease. Make sure you have the appropriate underwear for each outfit.

🔲 Stay Hydrated - Drink plenty of water in the 48 hours leading up to your session to look and feel healthy.

🔲 All the Sleep - Make sure you are well rested in the 48 hours leading up to your session. Sleep is very important to how we look and how we feel.

🔲 Make Travel Arrangements - Checkout your journey the day before so that you know how you will get to your session. Don't leave it late and be caught out by traffic!

🔲 Allow plenty of time - Better to be early and relaxed, than rushing and stressed! We want to capture you looking your best!

🔲 Complete the You Are Your Brand section - You've invested in this process. Make sure you know exactly what you are wanting to get out of your session. If you ensure, we will have plenty of time to discuss this, but it's best to have an idea beforehand to help you feel prepared!


🔲 Hair Brush

🔲 Hair Spray/Styling Product

🔲 Shaving Equipment

🔲 Bobbles and Hair Clips

🔲 Hair Straighteners/Curling Tongues


🔲 Water

🔲 Moisturiser

🔲 Make Up

CLOTHING - Check out the clothing post relevant to your session.

🔲 Range of Colours

🔲 Range of Textures

🔲 Range of Necklines

🔲 Outfits - Will you be compiling items together into specific looks and styles


🔲 Phone Charger

🔲 Music Playlist - If you want to create a playlist I am happy for clients to takeover Spotify! We will put on your jam to keep the energy high!


🔲 Ready to work

🔲 Ready to be guided

🔲 Ready to be adaptable and embrace stepping out of your comfort zone

🔲 Ready to feel confident and awesome

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