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She Doesn't Even Go Here.

A niche quote that only a few will fully understand. But how often do you check your businesses visual imagery to see if the personnel is up to date? Be it on your website homepage, meet the team photos, or in the print brochure that is still in circulation yet in need of an update!

Majority of my business branding enquiries open with the client suggesting "We need some new photos for the website, it's been too long and many of the faces shown no longer work for us". Turnover in employment is natural and often the larger the business, the higher the staffing turnover.

So why should you keep your website photos up to date? And whose responsibility is it to review this?

We could argue it's the responsibility of everyone at the business. You fall into either of the following 3 categories:

  • Your face is featured on your website somewhere because you are a valued employee. Whether that photo is recent or old is another conversation. The important part is you are on there: to your businesses audience you exist!

  • Your business doesn't show any staff members, no faces, or worse - the website utilises stock photos of models pretending to be in your industry. This isn't ideal, but it also isn't the end of the world!

  • Or you joined the business in the last 0-12 months and are not on the website yet.

I'm not suggesting every employee must be on your company's website, yet often reviewing who is still present at your businesss that is featured on your site welcomes the conversation to review whether the phtoos you are using still represent your brand message truthfully and accurately. Is there something else you want to say? Has your business evolved, and transitioned into various markets since the last branding photos. Are the photos on your website initially intended to act as a placeholder but never got updated?

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