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Headshot Vs Personal Branding Photography

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

And which style is right for you,

As a photographer, I am often asked about the difference between headshot and personal branding photography. While both types of photography are essential for building a successful career or business, they serve different purposes and require different approaches. In this blog post, I will explain the difference between headshot and personal branding photography and discuss how I provide both to my clients.

Headshot photography is all about capturing your appearance and personality in a professional portrait. Headshots are typically used for professional purposes, such as websites, job applications, social media profiles, and marketing materials. They are essential for creating a positive first impression and establishing your professional identity. A good headshot should capture your unique features and convey a sense of confidence and approachability.

Personal branding photography is about capturing your personality, values, and professional expertise in a way that will speak your target audience. We aim to capture your personal story, your unique skills and expertise, your values and beliefs and create a visual identity that is easily recognisable.

As a photographer, I provide both headshot and personal branding photography to my clients, using a variety of techniques to create engaging and visually appealing images that reflect their professional identity and brand. The Essential Headshot Session : A studio headshot session offering a clean, professional style. Perfect for Websites, LinkedIn and Email signatures

The Expert Headshot Session : My standard studio headshot session offering a variety of backgrounds and styles, including outfit changes. Perfect for Websites, Social Media Content and Marketing Materials

The "Down to Business" Session : My Personal Branding style session at the studio or a location that represents you and your business. A Full Portfolio - Perfect for Publicity, Advertising, Social Media Content and Websites

A headshot is a professional portrait that captures your appearance and personality that engages your audience at the first point of communication. Personal branding is the process of creating a unique image establishing yourself as an expert in your field, building trust with your audience, and creating a recognisable identity. Both can be as beneficial as each other to furthering your career and growing a business.

To discuss which style of photography would best suit you, book a free introductory chat to discuss.

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