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How can your business more visible online?

Making YOUR business stand out online can present many challenges.

Your audience is spread across multiple platforms, platforms that prioritise varying media.

You can adopt a ‘throw it and stick’ attempt to use ALL platforms, or you can focus in on where your ideal customer is usually found. This enables you to present QUALITY and VALUABLE content directly to them.

Your Website : Should be easy to navigate provide clear information about your products and services. The most used button on the internet is the BACK button and so ensure you have quality photos varying in size and layout that can keep your viewers attention, and avoid leaving your website.

SEO : SEO isn’t just abut tagging keywords, your photos are hugely important to being found, Google Images pulling up your alt tagged photo from your LinkedIn post might bring you a new customer!

Utilise Social Media platforms : The beauty is every platform has it’s speciality focus, the challenge is it can be difficult to repurpose your posts to best suit each. Utilise the way each platform uses photos. Instagram is currently prioritising carousel photo posts, this can increase your engagement and new followers.

Online Directories & Blogs : Find every opportunity to share your knowledge and business and accompany with photography. Can you feature your products and services on popular industry related blogs and outlets and use it to share great photos of you business in action!

Combining these strategies will help create a strong online presence, and consistency is key. Regular posting and consistency in style and quality of photo. Your next customer is of great value to you, don’t give them cheap, give them quality!

To find out more, get in touch and I’d be happy to advice how you can improve your businesses imagery to build brand awareness and engagement with content.

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